Centella 3% PHA Gentle Liquid Exfoliating Serum 120ml

  • Blackheads? Rough skin? Not anymore!

Our liquid exfoliating serum gently exfoliates the skin and clean pores without causing irritation.


Hypoallergenic next-generation PHA ingredients exfoliate and clean pores, with calming centella to reduce skin irritation and soothe. Orange water from fresh oranges recharges your skin with vitamin C to maintain a bright and glowing complexion, while patented Anti-Sebum P provides pore care and oil control.

Apply Centella 3% PHA Gentle Liquid Exfoliating Serum to clean, dry skin up to 3x weekly.You can also spot-treat problem areas (like your T-zone) or use all over your face.

Suggested Tip
Phase 1: Use 2-3x weekly to clear out blackheads.
Phase 2: Use 1-2x weekly to help prevent new ones.

Expiry date- 2026.12.26

Made in Korea

Blackheads? rough skin? not anymore!

Good For:

All skin types

Feels Like:

Brighter, Smoother and Refreshed

Smells Like:

Lightly citrus


Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 7 types of Parabens-Free, Skin irritation test completed

Blackheads? rough skin? not anymore!
soothes skin + protects the skin barrier
high in vitamin C to brighten + improve pigmentation + provide nutrition to the skin
gently exfoliates the skin + cleans pores without causing irritation


Orange water


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