Clean Beauty, Clean Life

Our story

Haruharu means “everyday” in Korean.

It is a lifestyle skincare brand that pursues honest beauty with a priority in providing fundamental skincare. We are passionate about finding the right, healthiest, superfood ingredients and our goals are to share our daily rituals to everyone to incorporate Haruharu into their precious skincare routine.

Clean and Clinical

We have chosen the best ingredients for you to start off your day without wasting any precious time.

Among plant-based ingredients with the strongest vitality, we prioritize the most needed and best ingredient.

Based on repeated experiment and the data by our own laboratory, we come up with the way to optimize effect and outcome, yet mild and light delivery of active ingredients.

Haruharu wonder’s products contain only natural, plant-powered ingredients with clinically proven benefits. By omitting toxic additives and chemicals and utilizing the science of freshly blended formulas, we are strongly advocating that there are better, sustainable solutions for your skin.

Patented black rice and fermented bamboo shoot bark extracts which contain much higher flavonoid content compared to non- fermented ingredients, a substance that has excellent anti- oxidant effects

HaruHaru wonder’s distinctive technology. Our patented liposome technology (Ultra Deep Technology) enables these active ingredients, strengthened 4 times after fermentation, to be effectively delivered deep into the skin.

Thinking of nature packaging. We use packaging made from recycled paper that has received forest management certification (FSC) and soybean oil ink that can reduce the amount of air pollutants ( volatile organic compounds, VOC’s) We use cushioning material made from recycled paper and paper adhesive tape, instead of a plastic cushioning material and plastic tape.