Black Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil Unscented 150ml

  • Effortlessly remove makeup in a swipe.

An unscented, non-irritating, moisturizing and gently deep cleansing oil for every day use.


Reveal smooth and clean skin with this Black Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover. It instantly dissolves makeup, dirt, and oil to leave behind moisturised and squeaky-clean skin.

Made with 100% natural oils like macadamia oil, olive oil, and rice bran oil, this unique formulation creates an ultimate baby-soft canvas for your skincare routine. It also harnesses the power of 9 essential ingredients which satiate your skin’s thirst and leave it bouncy as well as glowing, minus the oily feeling.

This product is formulated keeping in mind the K-Beauty method of double cleansing, which focuses on massaging the products into the skin for a few seconds for each cleansing step. This ensures that the multiple layers of skin care, makeup, dirt, and oils are all thoroughly removed to achieve clean and healthy skin. It deeply cleanses and moisturises the skin instead of leaving it dry.

Pump an appropriate amount onto dry hands to gently massage over skin for about 30 seconds. Apply a little bit of water onto your hands to emulsify the oil into milky white and melt away all the impurities completely.

Expiry date- 2027.05.02

Made In Korea

Gentle, lightweight cleansing oil

Good For:

All skin types

Smells Like:


Feels Like:

Refreshed, hydrated and clean


Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 7 types of Parabens-Free, Skin irritation test completed

Gentle, lightweight cleansing oil
prevents premature aging + restores hydration
fights dullness + refreshes the skin deeply
reverses skin damage to achieve good skin health

Macadamia oil

Black Rice

Olive oil

Full ingredient list

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