Black Bamboo Mist 150ml

  • A spritz of hydration for a dewy glow.

A fine spray mist that provides deep nourishment and cooling hydration to exhausted skin.


Immerse your skin into a hydrating mist so ultra-fine and delicate that it envelops your skin like a nourishing blanket. This formula is packed with glycerine, bamboo, and black rice goodness to instantly refresh skin and enhance glow.

This hydrating and skin-loving mist can also enhance your makeup in a single spritz. Shake it before you spray it to mix up the nourishing goodness with the water-based active extracts. You can use it as a primer, makeup setting spray or even a pick-me-up in the middle of an exhausting day. This mist deeply nourishes the skin, unclogs the pores, is alcohol-free, lightweight & refreshing.

Shake well and spray from a distance of 15-25 cm away from face to witness its smoothening, softening, and illuminating properties. Use anytime throughout the day to freshen up skin.

Expiry date- 2026.05.09

Made in Korea

Supply ultra-light moisture and energy to exhausted skin

Good For:

All skin types

Smells Like:

Fresh scent of natural essential oil(combination of 6 kinds of oils)

Feels Like:

Immediate moisture upon spray and quickly absorbed finish


Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 7 types of Parabens-Free, Skin irritation test completed

Supply ultra-light moisture and energy to exhausted skin
has SPF capabilities + moisturizes skin + lightens skin colour
fights dullness + refreshes the skin deeply
firms + protects the skin.

Bamboo extracts

Black Rice


Full ingredient list

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Most refreshing

Super refreshing and hydrating! Love the smell of it as well.

haruharu bamboo mist spray

refreshing and gives a good glow to skin!